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Originally from Nigeria, Boma has lived in Botswana and the United States, and is happy to call Victoria home. She founded SNIWWOC in 2014 after experiencing frustrations with the lack of culturally sensitive reproductive health support for racialized women in Victoria, BC. 

She is also the Director of International Services for the Victoria-Harbourside Rotary Club, where she works on global projects focused on addressing gender-based inequities with the Rotary Foundation.

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Selina is a queer Indigenous woman from Tsleil-Waututh Nation. She is the co-founder of SNIWWOC’s flagship event, Food With A Side of Community. Selina recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies, with a focus on Indigenous Studies and American Sign Language (ASL). She believes in Indigenizing harm reduction and considers low-barrier housing as paramount for supporting the Indigenous street community; as well as providing culturally relevant support.


ILLY DIAZ, Board Member


Originally from Puerto Rico, Illy is currently a PhD student at the University of Waterloo. Her research focuses on the links between coffee and food sovereignty in Puerto Rico. Some of her advocacy background has included mentoring youth in North and Latin America, organizing various events such as film screenings by and for Indigenous and people of color, anti-oppression and anti-racism workshops as well as community building endeavors for marginalized groups.Throughout her studies, personal life and work in her communities, she has remained committed to thoughtful, analytical and careful engagement with how her work could address systems of inequity. 

She believes that good policy starts with credible research, and is excited to bring her research expertise to SNIWWOC.





Michelle brings to SNIWWOC diverse experience in higher education and IT/Tech. She is an avid writer and poet, and enjoys exploring reproductive justice through her work. 

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waaseyaa’sin CHRISTINE SY, Advisory Board Member


waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy is an Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at the University of Victoria, focusing on indigeneity and decoloniality. Formerly a counsellor for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in conflict with Canadian law, she comes to the academy as a second career.

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ELLA STOLK-IACHETTI, Project Assistant


Ella is currently working to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Education. Ella grew up watching her mom work as a Midwife, which helped develop her interest in reproductive justice. As a Black woman, Ella is extremely passionate about any work helping WOC in their fight for justice and equality. 

Ella is responsible for multiple day-to-day administration tasks, event support, and fundraising.


MIRANDA SHANNON, Program & Events Coordinator


Miranda is Plains Cree from Frog Lake First Nation with Irish ancestry. With a background in Indigenous studies, she focuses on advocacy and empowerment for Indigenous women and youth through her work as a facilitator. She believes decolonization begins from empowering one another to speak their truth and listening to these stories from all walks of life. Last year she completed an International Aboriginal Internship in Uganda where she worked with communities around sustainable development and gender equality.

Miranda is responsible for coordinating monthly SNIWWOC events, and serves as the point person for various organizational projects and campaigns.


KAORUKO SASAKI, Program & Events Coordinator


Originally from Japan, Kaoruko has also lived in Alabama, Victoria & currently Vancouver. She is currently studying International and Intercultural Communication at Royal Roads University.

Kaoruko is responsible for coordinating monthly SNIWWOC events, and serves as the point person for various organizational projects and campaigns.