Photo credit: Tribesty Nguyen

Photo credit: Tribesty Nguyen

The Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Colour (SNIWWOC)

is a non-profit organization founded in Victoria, BC, Canada committed to the empowerment of women. We operate from a holistic and integrated service model that addresses the social, cultural and political realities of immigrant and indigenous communities. Our work is informed by a commitment to reproductive justice*

Reproductive justice recognizes that struggles for sexual and reproductive rights is not a singular issue. It has to be linked to wider struggles against oppression (racism, sexism, colonization, immigration rights, income, education, etc). These intersecting oppressions can limit a person's ability to have control over their body.

Our Mission

SNIWWOC's mission is to support indigenous women, women of colour, youth and children take greater control of their lives; provide culturally appropriate services in different languages. All our programming is developed and delivered by women.

Our Mandate

Work against barriers that limit women and girl's access to healthcare & full reproductive choice using food, art, and education.

Our Work

  • Social isolation, perceived or not, is associated with negative health outcomes. This isolation is particularly hard on visible minorities and indigenous people. SNIWWOC uses food, art, and education to connect women. We create intentional spaces where women can heal and connect with each other through food, art, and education.

  • By creating networks of support for women, we reduce loneliness and isolation, and mobilize individuals to fight against economic, and structural constraints that limit women's access to health care and full reproductive choice.

  • We provide information and education about navigating Canada's healthcare system.

  • We recognize the power of art and imagery, and creatively utilize various art mediums to educate about reproductive justice.

  • We host regular events in Victoria & Vancouver. These include a monthly dinner series, regular workshops, music celebrations, an annual neighbourhood festival in Quadra Village, and much more.

  • We support and advocate for indigenous women, as well as immigrant and refugee women/families, and connect them to appropriate social supports.